Who We Are

Red Hare Studios is an entrepreneurial game company based in Singapore since 2008.

Like the horse of legend that inspired our namesake, we are about strength and determination.

We are creative professionals who advocate forward thinking while not abandoning traditions.

Image to illustrate the namesake of Red Hare Studios in Singapore

What We Do

About Us Interactive

Interactive Entertainment

Interactive Entertainment

We create fun and engaging experiences for both commercial and educational markets on multiple platforms.

About Us Software Technologies

Software Technologies

Software Technologies

We specialise in the design and development of reliable and high-quality solutions to aid in your businesses and campaigns.

About Us Consultation Mentoring

Consultation & Mentoring

Consultation & Mentoring

We are passionate about helping our customers by learning and listening to their concerns.

Red Hare Studios Collaboration

Who We Work With

We collaborate with public, private and education organisations to fulfill their ideas and enhance their operations.

We offer our services to those seeking innovation and hybrid designs.

Interested in what Gamification can do for you?

Have a marketing or educational campaign in mind? Need to improve participation, immersion or awareness? Or just want to digitally transform your processes? Read our eBook to learn how we do gamification.


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